How to Completely Uninstall Kaspersky Antivirus from a Computer

Uninstallation of an antivirus may often be required. Maybe due to an operating system upgrade, clean installation of windows or simply for clean upgrade purpose of the antivirus software itself. Like most other software, the installation of Kaspersky Antivirus is easier enough – one wouldn’t require a tutorial to proceed. Note: If you are uninstalling it because of price, then I guess you need to check these Kaspersky coupon codes before that. You can buy and use the new key to existing version. However, unlike many other software antivirus programs do leave lots of left behind scripts, junks, and necessary files etc. which actually occupy a significant amount of space in your hard drive. Also, with these files left behind in your hard drive the next installation of Kaspersky or any other antivirus may not be a ‘clean’ one, conflicts may arise with other security programs. Hence, it is required that you know how to completely uninstall Kaspersky Antivirus from a computer system.

Required Programs

Few programs are necessary to perform the clean uninstallation of Kaspersky Antivirus from the system.

  • Kaspersky Antivirus installed on a computer.
  • File shredder like CCleaner.
  • For thorough registry cleanup – Argente Cleaner.
  • Runscanner for advanced scanning after the uninstallation is done.

Uninstallation in OS

The uninstallation procedure for Kaspersky Antivirus would vary from system to system. The first step would be uninstallation using the available tools in Windows operating system, the latter parts would do the cleanup of the left overs.

            Windows XP Users

Go to Start and launch Control Panel, under which Add/Remove Programs can be found. Open it and visually scan through the program names until you find Kaspersky 2015. Select it, and click on Remove. From the options that show up, select ‘I want to permanently remove it’, Windows XP will clean the files. The first step is done for Windows XP users.

Windows Vista or Windows 7

Go to Start, open Control Panel and double click on Programs and Features using the Large Icons view. From the populated list, find Kaspersky 2015 (or whichever version you have) and hit the Uninstall button, on the display that follows by click Remove. Confirm with ‘I want to permanently remove it’ again.

Windows 8/8.1/10 Users

From the Start Screen or Start Menu depending on the Windows version you have, locate Control Panel. You could either get there by manually clicking Control Panel from Settings, or simply locate by using the search bar and typing in Control Panel. Click on it, find Programs and Features and proceed like the previous step.

After the uninstallation the computer will prompt a restart. Accept and proceed with the latter steps after the computer restarts.

Cleaning up Residues

Use the other tools mentioned earlier to clean up the residues left by Kaspersky antivirus. Usinc CCleaner, clean the leftovers using Cleaner and Registry options. CCleaner is more suitable for novice or beginners because of its easy to operate setup, however for advanced features on cleaning up Agente Cleaner should offer better options. After file shredding is done, using Runscanner find all Kaspersky related files and delete them.


Uninstalling Kaspersky isn’t difficult but it does take quite a long time to get rid of every single file. Install another security software as soon as you are done with the Kaspersky uninstallation process.

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