Trojan Virus and How it is removed manually from computer

Trojan Virus is the most common and most dangerous virus found in our system. This is one of the viruses that do not spread automatically to computer. Instead, it comes with another virus or any other corrupted file from the internet. Once you download a corrupted file from the internet, the Trojan starts its action. However, the most difficult part of the Trojan Virus is that it does not show up and works very silently and secretly.

removing trrojan virus

Generally, Trojan Virus can destroy the important parts of the systems and corrupt other files. It can even invite other virus to attract more problems for you. The incredibly powerful and strong virus is designed such a way that it enters the computer and then infects your computer and almost paralyzes it. It is very important to remove the Trojan virus from your computer but the most important part is that you need to have a very good antivirus. But is it necessary to have an antivirus to remove the Trojan from the computer? Well, certainly not. Users can manually remove it from the system, provided some easy steps are followed.

Manual Removal of Trojan Virus

Trojan Virus can be easily removed from the computer with some simple steps. All of the steps however must be carefully followed to ensure that the virus has been removed.

Step 1

The first step is to find out the files corrupted with the Trojan Virus. It can be one file or multiple. The EXE files generally throw the dll errors. You can understand the corrupted files with the error. You must note down all the files corrupted with Trojan Virus.

Step 2

This is the most important step as the user needs to disable the function of the System Restore. The user must disable it otherwise, the deleted files will be again restored into the system.

Step 3

Once you are done, you must ensure to restart the system and open the computer in safe mode. You can now move to the control panel and then remove all the files that are infected with Trojan Virus. User needs to ensure that none of the files are left. Once you are done, then restart the system again.

Step 4

Restart the system in normal mode and check for the files that you have deleted. If you do not find the files then the removal of the Trojan files is successful.

Alternative Methods

There are alternative methods of removing the Trojan virus as well. All you have to do is to unhide all the application folders and then restart the system in safe mode. All the files and related extensions must be removed from the windows folder to ensure that the virus and corrupted files are removed. However, the user needs to go to the Edit Registry and delete the extensions under the Run folder. The alternative methods need some edit registry knowledge.

Removal of the Trojan Virus is not a big deal manually. However, use of an established and protected Antivirus is always encouraged.


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