Prevent and Get Rid of Adware on Your Computer!

Adware aren’t really viruses, nor they are malwares but one thing for sure – these creepy programs are utterly annoying. Once an adware makes a way to your computer – chances are you’ll start seeing ads all over your screen whenever you are browsing the internet on a browser. And the worst part is, the software won’t appear inside Programs and Features on Control Panel, so you can’t simply uninstall an adware out of your system. However, most paid antivirus programs mark an adware as a virus and gets rid of it whenever they come in contact; most free antivirus programs don’t even detect an adware presence in the system.

how to stop adware

Apart from getting some software that can protect against adware programs, these are some ways you can keep safe against adware getting installed on your system.

Unknown Files

Don’t download anything that you don’t need from the internet. Unknown files from random websites usually bring lots of problematic stuff – malwares, adware and what not. Many websites show fake pop-ups of how your computer is getting slower, how they have detected millions of problems in your system and prompts for file downloads. Once you fall for the trap, boom! They get access to your system on your disposal and eventually adware gets installed. Once they are installed on your system, you won’t even detect where the program is installed and can’t really get rid of without external help. The moral is – don’t download anything off internet you aren’t certain about.

Read Through the T&C

Read through the Terms and Conditions paper of internet downloads. In most cases, the terms and conditions hide check boxes for third party app installs. These programs are often adware and since you have given consent for their install, there’s nothing Windows or antivirus programs can do against it. Reading a terms & conditions paper is certainly very boring, but give a quick go-through and you could locate if there’s an agreement for installing an third party app under some promotion or just sponsorship thingy. Also, if you are downloading browser toolbars and plugins from unauthorized stores, you are risking getting your computer an adware.

An Anti-Virus Program is a Savior

An antivirus program could be a very effective shield against adware programs. However, make sure your antivirus is equipped to do so, because most free antiviruses don’t come with an anti-adware module. However, an anti-adware module is typically included in most paid antivirus plans but that too doesn’t bear any guarantee; you should check the spec sheet of an antivirus program before you purchase an antivirus program.

Adware can transmit over emails or other messaging tools other than internet downloads. Having an antivirus software will scan each of your internet footprints and assess whether you are taking the path of potential risk; and alert you which won’t typically happen without an antivirus program. Thus, using an antivirus is always recommended.


Preventing an adware takes active user supervision, and help of some sophisticated security program. Keeping an eye out will certainly save the trouble and utter annoyance of adware infection on a computer.

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