Antivirus Programs and Its Amazing Benefits

These days, there are a lot of individuals all over the globe who are completely aware of the extreme danger that a virus and some other malicious software may bring to their computer devices. These people are giving great importance to their personal computers.

They consider these technological products as integral parts of their personal and professional lives. This is the main reason why they are downloading their own fully functional antivirus programs into their computers. The big question now is, do you know what are the amazing things that these antivirus softwares can provide? If not, then here are these amazing benefits:

features of antivirus programs

Sensitive Information Can Be Well-Protected

Just in case you do not know, each and every threat may vary in capabilities. There are those that can only cause minor damages to your computer system. Even so, there are those viruses that can be huge headaches to computer users. They can make your computer as the main provider of viruses and some other malicious softwares to those who are included in your contact lists. It can be possible since these viruses can steal even those very sensitive information of yours stored in your computer system. But with the help of a reliable antivirus software, your sensitive information like your credit card details can never be stolen by those online criminals.

Individual Files Will Be Scanned Automatically

Needless to say, it is just normal for you to receive some files from a third party, no matter if you download these files or sent to your email address. The thing is, these files may contain some threats that can harm your entire computer system or compromise your sensitive information. But if you have an excellent antivirus, these files will be automatically scanned and opened if they are virus-free. If they contain viruses, then your antivirus software will warn you and delete them for good

Real Time Protection from Threats

One other amazing benefit that you can enjoy from an excellent antivirus software is the real time scanning and deleting of possible threats that enter into your computer system. In other words, the infected files that you download or receive will not have the chance to spread the viruses they contain since they will be deleted right there and then. You do not need to wait for a specific period of time before the scanning and deletion of viruses are being done by your antivirus. Even so, you need to make sure that your antivirus is advanced enough and developed by a renowned, reputable software company.

Boot-Time Scanning

This is something that you should be thankful about in case you are confronted with a very advanced computer virus. Such virus may be able to duplicate itself once you try to delete it from your computer. However, it can be impossibly done by the virus if your antivirus program will allow you to go for a boot-time scan. The operating system of your computer device will be shut down by your reliable antivirus software, and then command restarting. On that state, the antivirus will do full scanning of your computer hard drive and identify the viruses and some other malicious programs present. These threats can then be deleted effectively because the operating system of your computer is inactive.

Now that you already know the amazing benefits antiviruses can provide, there are no reasons left for you not to have one in your computer.

Configure Bitdefender to work with Internet Download Manager

Bitdefender programs are very protective against any sort of malware threats, once you have it you can say goodbye to all the sleepless nights due to insecurity you have had. However, for the best protection against threats that spread over networks, the wisest choice of Bitdefender products would be the Internet Security edition, or for slightly more protection than it we recommend Bitdefender Total Security. None of these products will really rip your banks off; the cost is at least much lesser than what it would cost to replace an entire computer system or infected network servers.

bitdefender for idm

Bitdefender Product Pricing

Bitdefender 2016 products are available for quite a reasonable price. The 1 license version of the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total Security are respectively $39.95, $59.95 and $69.95. All the prices are for a yearly license, renewable each year paying a specific license renewal fee.

The price for 3 PC license products are rearranged as following – $59.95, $79.95 and $89.95 in the previous order of products mentioned. However, this license is also usable for one calendar year and renewable once it expires.

Integrate Internet Download Manager (IDM) with Bitdefender 2016

Usually, upon installation of Internet Download Manager and Bitdefender 2016, the interconnected programs would automatically integrate so virus scanning doesn’t become an issue. However, in programs such as IDM, there might be issues like non-integration of two programs resulting in scanning conflict or non-effective security. Thus, IDM has provided some effective tricks which could exempt Bitdefender from preventing IDM to download a file.

How to Configure Bitdefender for IDM Downloads

Open your Bitdefender security product interface, depending on what edition and version it is. For Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, the program will be a discrete standalone software with a dedicated icon. On suites like Bitdefender Internet Security or Bitdefender Total Security, the Antivirus will be there as a separate module. Open Bitdefender, and locate Settings button usually located on the top right corner.

On the next screen that appears, select Firewall. Since IDM is integrated with network connectivity, user needs to allow IDM on Firewall. Open ‘Application Rules’ and find idman.exe inside the programs list. Click on ‘Edit Rule’ and find ‘Permission’ from near the bottom of the dialog box. Check the ‘Allow’ box. In the Firewall window, IDman.exe should now have a green tick mark beside it.

Get the Latest Version of IDM

If IDM still doesn’t work, probably the version is causing a conflict with the version of Bitdefender Internet Security. Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Download Manager. To uninstall the previous version of IDM, open Programs and Features from inside Control Panel, scroll down to Internet Download Manager and click Uninstall.

Later on, use CCleaner to clean off all IDM residues from your system. Then click on the IDM installer you have and finish the installation following the instructions. You might also need to finish some license verification.


Once IDM is integrated and properly configured with Bitdefender Internet Security, the users will not have any trouble downloading files via IDM.

Prevent and Get Rid of Adware on Your Computer!

Adware aren’t really viruses, nor they are malwares but one thing for sure – these creepy programs are utterly annoying. Once an adware makes a way to your computer – chances are you’ll start seeing ads all over your screen whenever you are browsing the internet on a browser. And the worst part is, the software won’t appear inside Programs and Features on Control Panel, so you can’t simply uninstall an adware out of your system. However, most paid antivirus programs mark an adware as a virus and gets rid of it whenever they come in contact; most free antivirus programs don’t even detect an adware presence in the system.

how to stop adware

Apart from getting some software that can protect against adware programs, these are some ways you can keep safe against adware getting installed on your system.

Unknown Files

Don’t download anything that you don’t need from the internet. Unknown files from random websites usually bring lots of problematic stuff – malwares, adware and what not. Many websites show fake pop-ups of how your computer is getting slower, how they have detected millions of problems in your system and prompts for file downloads. Once you fall for the trap, boom! They get access to your system on your disposal and eventually adware gets installed. Once they are installed on your system, you won’t even detect where the program is installed and can’t really get rid of without external help. The moral is – don’t download anything off internet you aren’t certain about.

Read Through the T&C

Read through the Terms and Conditions paper of internet downloads. In most cases, the terms and conditions hide check boxes for third party app installs. These programs are often adware and since you have given consent for their install, there’s nothing Windows or antivirus programs can do against it. Reading a terms & conditions paper is certainly very boring, but give a quick go-through and you could locate if there’s an agreement for installing an third party app under some promotion or just sponsorship thingy. Also, if you are downloading browser toolbars and plugins from unauthorized stores, you are risking getting your computer an adware.

An Anti-Virus Program is a Savior

An antivirus program could be a very effective shield against adware programs. However, make sure your antivirus is equipped to do so, because most free antiviruses don’t come with an anti-adware module. However, an anti-adware module is typically included in most paid antivirus plans but that too doesn’t bear any guarantee; you should check the spec sheet of an antivirus program before you purchase an antivirus program.

Adware can transmit over emails or other messaging tools other than internet downloads. Having an antivirus software will scan each of your internet footprints and assess whether you are taking the path of potential risk; and alert you which won’t typically happen without an antivirus program. Thus, using an antivirus is always recommended.


Preventing an adware takes active user supervision, and help of some sophisticated security program. Keeping an eye out will certainly save the trouble and utter annoyance of adware infection on a computer.

Antivirus vs. Internet Security – What’s the Difference?

While buying a security software package for personal computers, many people get often too confused to distinguish between different definitions of security software. For example, currently most antivirus manufacturers introduce an Internet Security version at the beginning of each year, which is basically a suite of multiple programs and costs more at the same time. Antivirus programs are inexpensive hence they must lack few features that are offered in the Internet Security packages, but what are those?

Basically, an antivirus software is included within an Internet Security package alongside few more programs that offer the strength of security in all possible sectors – network, removable media drives, storage, emails etc. If a user thinks they only need protection against viruses and nothing else, they might just buy an antivirus program instead of costlier Internet Security suite.

Internet Security Suite in Details

If you have been researching for a while, you must have seen few popular titles – BitDefender Internet Security, Norton Internet Security 2016, McAfee Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security and many more. None of these programs are an individual program, rather they contain a set of programs intended for different purpose. The package usually includes – a firewall program, an antispyware program, anti-adware, anti-ransomware, anti-keylogger etc. The number of features and applications inside an internet security suite could be more or less depending on their price and the package type.


Antivirus programs can be standalone, or come included within an Internet Security package. They fight viruses that might be present on a system. Virus spread through network connections, email attachments, removable storage etc. and antiviruses scan these media and windows registry files based on an updated signature file in the database. If any virus signature is found among the scanned areas, the user is prompted immediately and asked whether the files should be deleted or quarantined. To keep up to date with all the modern viruses around the world, the manufacturer releases a signature update file in regular interval which helps ensure the best safety on a computer system against viruses.

What’s the best solution for a computer?

Given the present situation, we would vouch for an internet security program for so many reasons.

Antivirus software doesn’t really fight every security threats. Only a few antivirus programs come with firewall programs which provide extensive monitoring on internet traffic. In the current computing technology, most malicious programs distribute and operate through an internet connection. To detect whether a malware has settled-in in your computer system and robbing your data to someone over the internet – you actually need an anti-spyware module, an anti-keylogger module and a firewall. All of these are available in an Internet Security package but not in a standalone antivirus.

Another reason you should buy an Internet Security plan is, viruses aren’t really a devastating threat these days. Back in time few viruses had the ability to permanently crash a physical system of a computer which would result in expensive repairs or replacements. Viruses these days usually only mess up data. If you think your computer doesn’t contain any secret data that needs to be entitled to safety with all these applications in an internet security suite, an anti-virus will just do your job.


For the best pricing, check with every security software manufacturers’ website, you could find the best possible solution for your PC in no time.