My greetings to you all my friends! I am Robert, a finance expert and I am currently working in an accounting firm here in London, United Kingdom. Aside from that work, I am also a finance blogger who has managed to put up my own finance blogging website a couple of years ago.

What Persuades Me to Go Blogging?

While working in the company I used to work with, I already thought of blogging. Nonetheless, I was too afraid to give it a try. I am afraid of failures, just so you know. However, I have this good friend of mine who are also into blogging. She was the one who persuaded me to share my insights about financing all over the world through blogging. I was actually inspired by her great success in the blogging world. This is what pushes me to have my own blog. And today, I am constantly gaining more and more visitors and followers on my finance blogs. I am more than happy for their positive comments, and these add fuel to my drive of writing more finance blogs that I can share to them and to the rest of the netizens online.

Come and Join Me

For those who want to join me with my finance blog journey and enjoy the amazing success that I am currently experiencing, you are free to contact me and become one of my hard working blogging partners. I will wait for your messages guys! Let me help you pursue your blogging dream.